With CWorks everyone is a CMMS Specialist.

CWorks Easy offers the best start-up to savings path for newcomers and experienced CMMS practitioners alike.
Many CWorks users have reported very quick and excellent return on investments regardless of industry, experience, expertise or readiness.

Free software
  • Comes with a Free user license and one gigabyte of data storage without time limit.
  • Budget friendly way to computerize your maintenance management.
Web based
  • Fully web native solution hosted on highly secured web servers so your data and access are well protected.
  • Everything is hosted and accessible through your web browser. There is no IT infrastructure or hardware to worry about.
Peace of mind
  • Includes "Export to Excel™" feature for backing up your data into your own hard disk for extra data safety.
  • Free to opt out at anytime without obligation.
Feature rich
  • Tablet browser ready CMMS for extreme mobility.
  • No crippling of features. Includes preventive maintenance, material management and all the features you'd expect from a proven, trusted provider of CMMS.
Easy to use, easy to start
  • Most fields are non mandatory unless absolutely required which makes it easier to fit into your work flows. Also it means less data collection such as asset list or as-built drawings at start up. Start as little or as much as you need.
  • Intuitive screen and module layouts based on work flows to reduce clicks and jumping from screen to screen.

Be creative. Be innovative. Optimize & Revolutionize
your maintenance operations with CWorks

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