Healthy Hospitals Use Less Spare Parts

CWorks HMS5



HealthHMS5 grade spare parts, like military grade, are of the highest standards, they are also of the highest cost. Leverage on CWorks HMS5 smart algorithms to reduce spare parts consumption through intelligent maintenance prioritization algorithms.

Be lean by eliminating wasteful "first in, first out", emotional or trial and error maintenance prioritization.

Additionally, HMS5 rules-based, smart scheduling algorithms helps you schedule spare parts, maintenance, calibrations, certifications and user training to effectively reduce spare parts and resource demands like a pro.

The algorithms are guided by the standards set by:

  • World Health Organization HTM recommendations
  • Universal Medical Device Nomenclature System
  • MS2058:2009 Code of Practice

  • Available as Internet subscriptions
  • Languages: English, German, Swedish, Simplified Mandarin, Arabic, Malay
  • HMS5 is a product by CWorks.

CWorks HMS5 Standard Modules

  • Work Request
  • Work Order
  • Assets
  • Location
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Employee
  • Material
  • Purchasing
  • Administrator
  • Master
  • Report

CWorks HMS5 Add-on Modules

  • Cleaning
  • Reservation
  • Utility
  • Contract Management
  • Waste Management
  • Defect Management
  • Drawing Management
  • Project Management
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI)
  • Ascertained Performance Deduction (APD)
  • Mobile App

What hospitals say about CWorks CMMS:

CWorks has exceeded our Expectations.
Simon Bridgewater, Bradford Hospitals NHS Trust

...this really saves me time..
Chris Hall, Hamilton Memorial Hospital easy to use...
Mater Dei Hospital, Malta

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