Next Generation CMMS with Predictive Risk Analytics to Automate Work Order Prioritization

Regulations & compliance made easy

Evidence of Compliance

Traditionally, a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is a digitized operation & maintenance manual and maintenance log book that reports evidence of maintenance compliance for audit purposes.

Maintenance Quality = Safety


"...a system for those who are without one or are unhappy with their current solution"

- Maintenance Technology Magazine

What makes
CWorks CMMS different?

Unlike other CMMS, CWorks CMMS not only reports but maps your maintenance data onto our proprietary risk matrix - Maintenance Triage MatrixTM - that triage work orders for better use of time and budgets.

For example, when overwhelmed with work, it highlights pesky, plannable, low risk work so that it doesn't distract you from important high risk ones.

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New to CMMS?

Download our basic +A CMMS. This fully usable, basic CMMS is without the Maintenance Triage MatrixTM but it is free for a year. It costs only US$600 a year per location if you wish to continue.

+A CMMS has been downloaded by over a million practitioners as their introduction to CMMS in the past two decades.

* Requires Windows 10 and MS Access 2016 or its runtime.


Be a CWorks Certified CMMS Specialist.

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Years of experience in maintenance industry

Customer Feedbacks

See what our clients have to say

“The software has met and in some cases exceeded our expectations for value based preventive maintenance software. Generating & updating Work Orders has been straightforward; the software does an excellent job of highlighting and tracking our preventive maintenance requirements. Steve Morris, here in Pelahatchie, did the initial implementation; he found the examples supplied with the software extremely helpful.”

Energy Conversion Systems

Pelahatchie, MS

“The CWorks Support Team is the greatest I have come across to date. They are fast, flexible & always willing to help out with customizing an amazing piece of software. We were up and running in as little as two weeks, and with over 2,000 assets, that is a testament to the software's reliability and ease of use. I'm not afraid to recommend this software to any large-scale plant in the world.”

Marshall Whitney, Berry Plastics

Victoria, TX

“I've been using CWorks for the last 18 months. It allowed us to keep track of PM's and have a better history of maintenance on our equipment. Furthermore, CWorks is easy to use & fulfill our constant need of information on who did what and when. On top of all that, the support team help me out in a timely manner when I needed it.”

Christian Paradis

Quebec, Canada

“After trialing a number of solutions to maintain our inventory, we found CWorks to be both flexible and user friendly. The fact that it cost a fraction of other inventory management systems we didn't hesitate to purchase the system. After several weeks we have hundreds of items in the database and CWorks has exceeded our Expectations.”

Simon Bridgewater, Renal Technical Services

Bradford Hospitals NHS Trust

“I have been using CWorks for several months for our plant maintenance department. It has made organizing work and projects a breeze. The software is networked on about 20 PCs and everyone has said nothing but good things. It has definitely increased our efficiency..”

Mike LeGrand, Plant Engineer, Liquid Container L.P


“I'm a consultant in the Electric Power Industry. I've been exposed to several programs which are suppose to be the biggest and the best. Usually the bigger and better that they are supposed to be in reality are more complicated than they need to be and tend to fail just when you need them the most. I just downloaded your CMMS and after about 5 minutes I figured out what to do and how to do it.”

Phil Patton


Looking for Enterprise Cloud CMMS?

Please contact us for Enterprise Cloud CMMS versions with Maintenance Triage MatrixTM