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Herein lies the present and the future of the CMMS: competitively priced, user- friendly software that is specifically designed to assist small to mid-sized companies in effectively managing, operating and maintaining their critical equipment.
- Stan Howarth, Facility Manager, Coast Mountain Dairy
I have been using CWorks Plus for several months for our plant maintenance department. It has made organizing work and projects a breeze. The software is networked on about 20 PCs and everyone has said nothing but good things. It has definitely increased our efficiency.
- Mike LeGrand, Plant Engineer, Liquid Container L.P, Kentucky
The software has met and in some cases exceeded our expectations for value based preventive maintenance software. Generating and updating Work Orders has been straightforward; the software does an excellent job of highlighting and tracking our preventive maintenance requirements. Steve Morris, here in Pelahatchie, did the initial implementation; he found the examples supplied with the software extremely helpful.
- Energy Conversion Systems, Pelahatchie, MS
CWORKS PLUS is great program we run it in the biggest mall of Al Hokair properties named Khurais Plaza.
- Ala'aUddin Khattab, Al Hokair Group, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
The PM reports produced by the CMMS proved to be an effective marketing tool to prospective clients who wanted evidence that the company's manufacturing equipment was properly maintained and functioning.
- Plant Services
After trialing a number of solutions to maintain our inventory, we found CWorks to be both flexible and user friendly. The fact that it cost a fraction of other inventory management systems we didn't hesitate to purchase the system. After several weeks we have hundreds of items in the database and CWorks has exceeded our expectations.
- Simon Bridgewater, Renal Technical Services. Bradford Hospitals NHS Trust
The once sluggish three-copy form system - which bounced paper orders between departments, maintenance, and the facility manager - has been replaced by a speedy Internet filing system that rests at the manager's fingertips.
- Chris Hall, Hamilton Memorial Hospital
Your software has been one of the best assets we have in our service station maintenance services, even our clients were impressed! Great product!!!
- Miko Valerio, Vice President, IT Division. AC Corporation, Philipines
The ease of entering detailed information into the database enables managers to see a full cost and repair history for every piece of equipment.
- Plant Magazine
...a system for those who are without one or are unhappy with their current solution.
- Maintenance Technology Magazine

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