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The way to remote sites can be a challenge. Roads are sometimes virtually non-existent, bridges are a luxury and crossing a river is not for the fainthearted. Remote camps often start as a GPS co-ordinate and are completely cut off from the outside world.

Over 20 years in the remote camp business, Allterrain Services Group who provides catering, communications, design and management for mining, oil and gas throughout Africa, has learnt how to establish reliable supply lines and communications to these locations and develop dependable local support.

When Allterrain Services were called to provide remote camp facilities and catering services for Newmont gold mines in Ghana, they found that they needed a provider of computerized maintenance management system who was not only reliable but literally able to go the extra mile.

Ahmad Faizal Mokhtar, the project team leader who led the CWorks ATS project team reported that "it was a grueling journey to get to the project sites. The journey totally defined the meaning of remote".

For ATS, CWorks had to implement computerized maintenance management systems at two Newmont gold mining camps, at Ahafo and Akyem, both in Ghana.

All main modules were implemented including work orders, preventive maintenance and spares management. The problem ATS faced with their maintenance of the camps, were not only that they were remote, they were having problems ensuring that adequate spares were available for when preventive maintenance tasks were due.

With the implementation of CWorks, spares balances and preventive maintenance due dates were easily tracked and monitored. Ensuring supplies came at the right time and at the right quantities, which is of the utmost importance when operations are in such remote areas.

The journey totally defined the meaning of remote Ahmad Faizal Mokhtar, CWorks ATS project team leader, Malaysia

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